Cannon washes away the competition at Neptune!

Last Thursday was the third installment of TNT NW and it was a good one.  Neptune was gracious enough to host this kickoff to the Coffee Fest weekend.  We had some great Baristas in attendance from all over.  Nicely, Lewontin and Cannon I’m looking at you!

It’s a little difficult writing re-caps of throwdowns because well people poured a lot of pretty things in cups.  What I think is worth reporting is the continual feeling of community.  We are getting Baristas behind machines they haven’t used before and they’re pouring against people they haven’t worked with.  I for one got to use the Synesso for the first time thanks to the Neptune TNT!

Big thanks to Our judges Dismas, Sara Z. and Mr. Leon.  They rocked it!  Major props to Mr. Mike Cannon for taking the first place pour against Mr. Brandon Paul Weaver(thanks Cannon).  Cannon won a lot of money and street cred.  And of course thanks to everyone who came to cheer on their favorite Barista!  Without all of your support these event would be lame.


One thought on “Cannon washes away the competition at Neptune!

  1. The first and second place combatants were myself and Mr. Brandon Paul Weaver of Zoka Coffee, just saying. Nicely and Sam both poured their hearts out, tulip style for Sam, and really elevated the level of excitement in the air with their work! One of my favorite moments was when Michael Elvin immediately drank his latte after his pour, which was awesome and apparently tasty. Also, having a keg was great. Our judges had their hands full and I really appreciate their selections, also just saying. Thanks to each barista who came out and put their unique spin on the event, these nights are a success because of you! Big ups to Panda for being the host with the most. A huge thanks to Espressoparts for sponsoring the event, I absolutely love my skull n crossbones tulip demitasse! Here’s to the next upcoming TNT, let’s keep this ball rolling!

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