#TNTNW at Street Bean Espresso

Street Bean Espresso once again opened their doors for another #TNTNW. There was a lot of pizza and fun times. We had a great turnout. Many talented Baristas threw down their best lacto-designs. We even had a surprise visit from Brian Canlis himself! He sweetened the pot with $150 to use at Canlis.

There were sweet prizes from our title sponsors: Espresso PartsBaratza, Craft Coffee, and Barista Magazine. The buy in money was donated to Street Bean Espresso to help continue their efforts with at risk youth in the Seattle area. If you would like more information on that you can find it right HERE.

Top Three Baristas:

1) Laila Ghambari Caffe Ladro

2) Jesse Nelson Conduit Coffee Co.

3) Ryan Bisson Caffe Ladro



Thanks to everyone who showed up last Thursday! We were so ready to celebrate the 2nd year of our monthly #TNTNW series! It’s hard to believe it’s been two years.

We had to call in Slate Coffee and their Slatestream for our parking lot throwdown! Yeah we’re pretty darn lucky to have such great friends. 32 Baristas battled in the Slatestream but only three came out victorious.

What’s a party without music? We had two local Olympia bands on hand to rock our socks off. Red Red Red and Moldy Castle, both bands have members that used to work at Espresso Parts (PA provided by Olympia All Ages – Northern).

The lovely folks at Oly Smokers fed us some amazing brisket and beans. Our local brewery Fish Tale gave us a screaming deal on some organic IPA that went real well with the BBQ.

We want to extend a big ole’ thank you to all of the businesses that helped us put on a great event. And of course to all the people who showed up and rocked out with us.

Here are the victors:

  • 1st. Kyle Rees
  • 2nd. Robert Stofleth
  • 3rd. Mike Cannon

This event was made possible because of our generous title sponsors: Espresso Parts, Barista Magazine, Baratza, and Craft Coffee.photo14 photo4 IMG_3392 IMG_3390 IMG_3388

#TNTNW at Ristretto Roasters

Hello everyone! We hope you are ready for this week’s #TNTNW! This month we’re taking it down to Portland. We will be at Ristretto Roasters Nicolai location. Bring your latte art skillz and don’t forget those cupping skillz either. That’s right we’re having two competitions this time! Something for everyone!

Need more reasons to join us? Well check out the sponsor list below!

Title Sponsors:

Barista MagazineOne year subscription to BMag, tote bags, and mags for the event.
BaratzaVirtuoso grinder with Esatto base.
Craft CoffeeThree month subscription.

Local Sponsors:

Sunshine Dairy
Coalition Brewing



Title Sponsors!

Hello everyone! We have some really great news for you. As part of our continued dedication to the #TNTNW series we have started to get Title sponsors! What does that mean? Well, it means more awesome prizes and coverage for our events.

The first Title sponsor will be Barista Magazine! You know how rad they are I’m sure! If you don’t, get out from under that rock and check out the amazingness that is BMag. This sponsorship is for the rest of the season!!! THAT’S 8 MORE EVENTS!!! This is huge for our community!

Barista Magazine has signed on to provide:

• Box of mags for each event
• 20 tote bags for each event
• One-year subscription for winner of each event
• Preview article on our blog about each
• Post TNT report on each

We are so glad to have Barista Magazine involved with this series. BMag has always been there for Baristas all around the world. The next time you see Sarah or Ken give them a big hug and tell them how much you appreciate them!


If you are interested in being a Title sponsor please contact panda@espressoparts.com we still have two spots available.

May TNT: Baked & Wired

@tntwdc just posted that they will be having their next event at Baked & Wired in DC. If you are in the area make sure to show up and throw down!

DMV Coffee

Mark your calendars, boys and girls, because we’re heading to Baked & Wired on May 9 for the next installment of Thursday Night Throwdown! Fresh off DC’s epic victory over Chicago in the April TNT, we’re ready to showcase the District’s best once again in a battle for barista supremacy.

This month’s TNT will feature a DJ, crazy good baked treats, the extraordinary Miles Deniro Drag Queen Emcee, a few tricks and surprises, and all the wonderfulness you’d expect from the Baked & Wired crew.

And BIG THANKS to the May TNT sponsors: MadCap Coffee, Trickling Springs Creamery, Crystal Press, 9:30 Club, Howard Theatre and District Bean.

Sign up begins promptly at 8:30 p.m., and the pouring starts at 9 p.m. There’s a $5 buy-in to pour. This event is BYOB.

Baked & Wired (Georgetown)
1052 Thomas Jefferson Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

Download this flyer

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#TNTNW at Visions Espresso

Hello Northwest Coffee Community my name is Cole McBride many of you know me from shops I’ve worked in or events I’ve been a part of and if we have not met please feel free to introduce yourself. My good friend Panda from Espresso Parts asked me to write a post about the past #TNTNW that was hosted by the company I work for Visions Espresso. To start off I would like to say how happy I am with the current state of our community in the Great Northwest! So many great people are so involved and so many awesome companies are stepping up to make this one of the best regions to be a part of in the world. It is my belief that much of the ground work for our current community was laid by the Barista Guild of America which was born right here in Seattle. If you don’t know about the Barista Guild of America or you just want to learn more about it please feel free to contact me anytime I’m on twitter at @colecoffee or e-mail me colecofeeseattle@gmail.com or come see me at my work anytime! I look forward to helping the BGA become a bigger part of the #TNTNW and the Northwest Coffee Community in general.

So WOW this last #TNTNW was amazing! I think it should be noted how much goes into having a really great event. Many people from different companies come together for the Barista community to show you how much we care about you! Without you there is no great coffee. So to start off the thank you’s lets start with the long time supporter Baratza who gave away a Vario grinder at this last #TNTNW and has been giving away prizes to the Barista community all over the country for quite some time now. We also have a new company Slate Coffee who supported this event with the coffee used in the throwdown and also brought some amazing food for everyone to eat. I know everyone is excited to have a new coffee company that is super active in the Barista community right here in Seattle. I know we will be seeing a lot of awesome stuff coming out of this new company and that’s super exciting! Espresso Parts and Panda are a big part of every #TNTNW and a huge thank you to them is always deserved! Always willing to provide prizes and as much or as little support as the host needs to pull off the event. Last but not least is Visions Espresso the host of this #TNTNW. At this event we gave away an amazing Pasquini Livia 90 semi automatic espresso machine! This is the second espresso machine that Visions Espresso has given away at a #TNTNW. Another great item we gave out to all three finalist was our new LUXE COAT powdered coated steaming pitchers which have been a big hit in the competition circuit. Also never forget the beer! Visions Espresso bought a very tasty keg of beer that I know you all enjoyed!

This #TNTNW was a big hit with somewhere between 75-95 people in attendance and 32 Baristas competing some for the very first time. This was a very tough throwdown as it was done in the Visions Espressos new line of 4oz macchiato cups. In the first round every competitor poured a heart and this turned out to be the most difficult round. I was live tweeting the entire nights pours via the Visions Espresso twitter account @visionsespresso if you would like to see all of the pours. Next we had the 16 competitors moving on pour Rosettas and this round turned out the best pours! I was judging along with Christos Andrews of Tougo Coffee and Heather Halle of Vashon Coffee Company and we all thought this round produced the toughest decisions of the night. The next round was of course tulips. The tulip round was a lot of fun and by this time we many folks were hanging out playing the Wii out front or enjoying some tasty beer. For the final 4 we let the final competitors pour whatever they like. In 4th place we had the roaster from Caffe Ladro Dismas Smith in 3rd place from La Marzocco we had Ryan Wilbur in 2nd Crooked Arrow from Makeda Coffee and the amazing talented Director of Education of Caffe Ladro Laila Ghambari won all the money and top prizes for the night with one of the best rosettas I’ve ever seen in a Macchiato cup! This was by far the most difficult throwdown I’ve ever seen go down and a big congrats to everyone that showed up and put there game face on. These events are all about us becoming closer as a community and becoming better Baristas all the while. I can say enough how much I care about all of you and I really hope you all continue to stay involved and push the envelope.

#TNTNW at Visions Espresso

#TNTNW at Visions Espresso

Coffee Fest fun time.

We are getting really excited for the upcoming events we have planned for Coffee Fest. Our second annual unofficial kickoff #TNTNW at Neptune Coffee will be on Sept. 20th. Be ready to throw down some serious latte art. Mr. Hiroshi Sawada will be in attendance with copies of his brand new book. There will be great prizes from our awesome sponsors and a raffle! All of the money that we collect for the raffle will be donated to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Espresso Parts has committed to matching the winning pot to be donated too!

Friday the 21st we are partnering with Trabant Coffee to throw a party. There’s gonna be a DJ, beer and lots of fun to be had. MORE DETAILS TO COME!!!!!!!!!


Barista Magazine
Neptune Coffee

You can donate to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

#TNTNW at Batdorf & Bronson

It had been four years since Batdorf & Bronson hosted a #TNTNW.  The last time Batdorf & Bronson hosted, I worked in a cafe in Moscow and drove over from Idaho with my wife Lenore, carpooling with Jennifer (one of the baristas at the cafe I managed, who is now at Trabant) and partner Brian. It was there I met Mike Cannon, Matt Crisophe, Michael “Panda” Fernandez, and a TON of other great baristas who threw down on the La Marzocco Linea at the end of the bar.  Last Thursday, Batdorf & Bronson opened their doors to host the event again.

The crowd held many of the same people from that #TNTNW four years ago, but drew even more new people.  There were baristas from Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Olympia and surrounding areas in the coffeehouse ready to do battle. There was a lot of great energy and playful trash talk, but even more prevalent was the camaraderie and sense of community. I asked around at Batdorf for judges and got Jenya Campbell, Dan Graham and Marcus Young to help out.  Marcus came up from Portland with a keg of Migration Brewing’s “Cluster Fuggle” and brought Rusty Angell from BunnTrifecta who set up the home on the bar.  We got Rusty to brew some coffees up for anyone who wanted one, and got the keg primed. There were about 20 people ready to put their skills to the test for a chance to win the buy-in and take home some sweet swag.

The format was single elimination brackets, with no rules on pours. The judge’s table was set up, and competitors chose to either pour in front of the table or walk their cup carefully over after finishing. Arturo a Barista from B&B dosed and pulled shots for each barista, which helped move the rounds along and kept the shots consistent.


  Throughout the competitor’s pours, the conversations ranged from espresso-as-culinary-art to BGA members volunteering at rest stops, to latte art soapboxing. The keg became a rotating hub of conversations and a meeting place for old friends and a great place to make new ones.  This #TNTNW drew some folks I had just met while in Portland for the SCAA 2012 Event, so playing host to them at an event helped reconnect with them and meet their peers.
  I find myself wanting to mention all the people that were there, but it’s not about the names.  This event is about building and growing the coffee community, and if it were to be measured in growth or connections made then I would call this a huge success. Four years ago, I drove from Idaho to be part of a larger community, and met a ton of amazing people. I got introduced to some great people and made some lifelong friends. Four years later, I got to host the event at the same coffeehouse with a lot of the same people. A lot of changes have transpired between those two events, but one thing has stayed the same: coffee professionals are an inspired and passionate bunch. Thanks for showing up and helping make some great memories.
-Andrew Raymond Tucker MacLeod
B&B Coffee Roasters
#TNTNW Results
1: Andrew Raymond Tucker MacLeod
2: Ryan Foss
3: Terika Raak