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All #TNTNW news and updates will now be posted on Espresso Parts’ Social media feeds. We’re consolidating things to make sure #TNTNW is getting out to the most amount of people. We will still leave this site up for nostalgia but moving forward all event recaps and updates will be post to Espresso Parts’ outlets. Have a radical day!

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TNTNW at Torque Coffee

We had a packed house at Torque Coffee last Thursday. Baristas showed up from Seattle, Olympia, and Portland! As usual we had lot’s of beautiful pours, pizza, and beer. The beers one a red and the other a pale both contained coffee roasted by Torque. Ryan and the Torque crew we’re great hosts! Our next event will be in Seattle for SCAA. We’ve partnered with the SCAA & the Barista Guild for their opening night TNT. Normally TNTNW is open to the public but for this special event attendees must have badges for the SCAA show. See you in April!

The top three for the night:

  1. Christine Herman-Russell Case Study Coffee This was her first time competing in a throwdown!!!
  2. Neil Oney Tougo Coffee
  3. Bethany Hargrove The fresh Pot

#TNTNW at Toast Ballard


Our first #TNTNW of the year was a blast! Toast Ballard opened their doors to around 80 Baristas and friends of. Toast owners Frankie and Ashlie made fresh sweet and savory waffles for us and even provided a keg of PBR. The energy in the room was electric! It’s truly something special that this was our 28th #TNTNW!!!!!! Our community is so strong and we are proud to be able to be a part of it.


We had a total of 32 barisas from all over the PNW vying for some awesome prizes. Not only was there some seasoned talent but we also had a lot of first time competitors. One of the best parts about organizing this event series is being able to see people develop as latte artists. I’ve seen some people afraid to throw down and they end up placing in the top three.


Photo courtesy of Brandon Paul Weaver.

There were some amazing pours throughout the night but it all came down to the top three! Latte art masters Kyle Dols and Cole Mcbride battled it out for the top spot. After some lengthy deliberation Mr. Dols snagged the top spot. Third place went to the amazing Merilee Jones.


The winners had their pick of prizes from our title sponsors: Espresso Parts, Barista Magazine, Baratza, Craft Coffee, Imbibe Magazine, Cuppow!, and Rip Van Wafels. In celebration of the Seahawks making it to the Super Bowl Espresso Parts awarded custom 12th man tamps for the top three. Go Hawks!


Lastly we have to thank our awesome hosts and helpers! Ashlie & Frankie of Toast rolled out the red carpet for all of the attendees. You couldn’t tell this was their first time hosting a #TNTNW. A big shoutout to Chelsey and Brandon Paul Weaver of Slate Coffee for helping fill the bracket and calibrating the judges. The event couldn’t have been as successful without their help.

We’ll see you February 27th at Valhalla Coffee!

#TNTNW at Ristretto Roasters

Hello everyone! We hope you are ready for this week’s #TNTNW! This month we’re taking it down to Portland. We will be at Ristretto Roasters Nicolai location. Bring your latte art skillz and don’t forget those cupping skillz either. That’s right we’re having two competitions this time! Something for everyone!

Need more reasons to join us? Well check out the sponsor list below!

Title Sponsors:

Barista MagazineOne year subscription to BMag, tote bags, and mags for the event.
BaratzaVirtuoso grinder with Esatto base.
Craft CoffeeThree month subscription.

Local Sponsors:

Sunshine Dairy
Coalition Brewing



Livin’ La Vida Zoka

WHOA!!!!!  We had so much fun last Thursday!  Zoka was the host for the fifth installment of the TNTNW series and they did a great job!  Zoka decided to match the pot for the event and donate the money to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission!!! There was even a DJ (Troy Whalen)!

We all had a great time and there were some awesome pours.  Zoka took the top two spots of the throwdown, Mr. Brandon Paul Weaver took 1st, Amanda Jean Atkins took 2nd and Brady McDonald took 3rd (Urban Coffee Lounge).  Thanks to everyone who attended and made this event a success!  We look forward to seeing you for this months TNT!

Bluebeard TNT Parrrty

  Bluebeard Coffee Roasters hosted an amazing TNT October 27th.  I was super stoked to be able to attend!  Sara Z. and I got off the plane from Camp Pull-A-Shot and headed straight to Bluebeard.  Michael Elvin was nice enough to host for me and he did a great job!

  We had a solid turnout!  Bluebeard even supplied pizza and beer!  After a couple of hours of beautiful pours we had our top three: 1st:Brandon Weaver (ZOKA) 2nd: Nik Virrey (ZOKA) and 3rd Byron Betts (Valhalla). Big thanks to Bluebeard and everyone who showed up.

Cannon washes away the competition at Neptune!

Last Thursday was the third installment of TNT NW and it was a good one.  Neptune was gracious enough to host this kickoff to the Coffee Fest weekend.  We had some great Baristas in attendance from all over.  Nicely, Lewontin and Cannon I’m looking at you!

It’s a little difficult writing re-caps of throwdowns because well people poured a lot of pretty things in cups.  What I think is worth reporting is the continual feeling of community.  We are getting Baristas behind machines they haven’t used before and they’re pouring against people they haven’t worked with.  I for one got to use the Synesso for the first time thanks to the Neptune TNT!

Big thanks to Our judges Dismas, Sara Z. and Mr. Leon.  They rocked it!  Major props to Mr. Mike Cannon for taking the first place pour against Mr. Brandon Paul Weaver(thanks Cannon).  Cannon won a lot of money and street cred.  And of course thanks to everyone who came to cheer on their favorite Barista!  Without all of your support these event would be lame.

Dude..where’s my TNT?

YO YO YO!  The TNTNW has really taken off and we couldn’t be happier.  Metronome killed it with their back to school themed TNT and Neptune is up next for Coffee Fest week.  Thanks to everyone who has helped put these successful events together and to all the rad Baristas who have participated.  In the current issue of Fresh Cup there is a great article highlighting the TNT movement.  Let’s keep this going!

We are doing an open call for the next three hosts.  If you are interested in hosting a TNT in October, November or December you can e-mail panda@espressoparts for more info.  Thanks again for making TNT NW a success, we look forward to many many more.

TNT NW 7/28

Last night was awesome!  The first of three scheduled TNT NW took place at Espresso Parts in Olympia WA.  It just so Happened our friends at RBCNYC had a throwdown planned for the same night.  This throwdown was to benefit Equality Texas to show support for #YesEqual .  We reached out to Sprudge who were the media sponsors to see if we could help out.  Jordan was happy to have us involved.  Stonewall Youth is who we chose as the benefactors for the throwdown.

There are a few things you need for a successful throwdown: coffee, milk, an espresso machine and judges.  Batdorf & Bronson provided us with a great FTO Mexico, Sunshine Dairy donated milk and our judges were Michael Elvin, Heather Ringwood and Dan Baumfeld.  People started to show up around 6:30 they started to practice and get familiar with the steam tips.  We had our Sproline Vortex and Foam Knife 1 tips to test out.

    Fifty or so people showed up to pack the Espresso Parts lab.  Twenty brave Baristas threwdown magic was made.It was great to see such great talent in one place.  We got together for a good cause raised $100 and had lots of fun!
    Once again we have to thank the Sponsors who helped make this rad event possible. Thanks to everyone who had to deal with traffic to get to Oly and everyone else that attended.  The next TNT NW event will take place at Metronome In Tacoma.  And keep an eye out for the badass wrestlemania style belt for the winning shop.

1st:Katie Hoy of Batdorf & Bronson

2nd:Cole Mcbride

3rd:Rob Stofleth an independent

http://www.flickr.com/photos/thoughtsofclouds/sets/72157627308527554/ TNT NW set.