Poster for #TNTNW at Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.

Check out this great poster Honor Forte of Oly Coffee made for the #TNTNW next week! He did an awesome job!


#TNTNW at Oly Coffee

#TNTNW at Oly Coffee



Last Thursday was the first #TNTNW of the season. Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. hosted not only a latte art throwdown but a triangulation cupping to boot! WE HAD SOO MUCH FUN! Gravity Beer Market supplied the beer, La Marzocco kicked down some awesome swag, Barista Magazine gave a year subscription away to the winner, Espresso Parts gave out some rad demis, and The Bearded Ladies brought Dessert.. There was even a video premier of Oly Coffee’s gorgeous origin video.

Oly Coffee is really small and around 50 filled the roastery and cafe for the festivities. The latte art throwdown was held in the cafe. There was lot’s of loud music, beer drinking, dancing, OHH and beautiful pours. The triangulation cupping was a lot quieter and took place in the roastery.

Latte Art Finalists

  1. Brady MacDonald-Urban Coffee Lounge
  2. Amanda Jean Atkins-ZOKA
  3. Mollie Burdette-Sound City Coffee

*Triangulation results tomorrow.

One thing that stood out to me was the amount of people who traveled for this #TNTNW. We Olympians are proud coffee people who sometimes feel like we go unnoticed because we are book ended by Seattle and Portland. We even had a few people from as far out as Wenatchee! Stayed tuned for the next host to be announced for SCAA.

Thanks to everyone who came and showed their support for the coffee community. WE LOVE YOU.