#TNTNW @ Neptune 9/20/2012

Our annual #TNTNW at Neptune Coffee is one of our favorite events of the year. It’s also the kickoff to Coffee Fest Seattle. Baristas from all around the world throwdown for glory, some scrilla, and most importantly get together and be awesome!

We wanted to make this year pretty special so we decided to run a raffle to raise money for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Through the contributions from our sponsors: Velton’s Coffee roasting Co. (coffee), Espresso Parts (pitcher rinser), Hiroshi Sawada (new book), Unic Espresso Machines (home espresso machine), and Rip Van Wafels we were able to raise $600!!!!

The scene at Neptune was pretty chill. The keg was tapped, Jordan from Sprudge was in the house spinning records for everyone to dance to and ever so slowly we were filling up. With all the spots filled and beer in our guts we decided it was time to start. FANBOY ALERT: So, we were pretty stoked to have not one but three of our favorite people in coffee judge for us. Sarah Allen…Barista Magazine DUH! Hiroshi Sawada…Streamer Coffee & latte artist extraordinaire, and Pete Licata…US Barista Champ much? All donated their time to make the event happen.

There was a lot of beer drinking, shop talk, dancing, shouting and all around tomfoolery. Competition was pretty stiff! In the end we had three radical Baristas take the top spots!

  1. Christopher Nicely Abel Alameda
  2. Kazunori Matsubara
  3. Cole McBride

Big props to everyone that showed up. We started doing these events last year to get more involved in the community and it’s grown so much! It’s so nice to see all of you at the #TNTNW!!!!!!!!!!!


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