Last Thursday Night…T.G.I.T.

We have to thank Metronome and Mr. Joshua Boyt for opening up his cafe for such an awesome event!  Josh and his staff put a lot of work into this and made it a night for everyone to remember.

Everyone had so much fun!  First off the back to school theme was awesome.  There were rulers and pencils hanging from the ceiling, a sloppy joe and tater tot buffet and free beer!  You don’t really get any better than that.

The place was packed!  We had over thirty competitors from all over and probably about eighty or so people in attendance.  Our judges for the latte art competition were Dan Baumfeld, Sandy Hall and Alex Negranza.  Big thanks to them and all who competed.

While the latte art was being poured and judged the other side of the bar was all about pour over and the Trifecta.  Rusty Angell from Bunn was making tatsy brews with the Trifecta and the Hario Brothers were in full effect brewing some awesome pour-overs.

After three hours of latte art greatness we had our winners.  Ryan Soeder (Starbucks) took first place, Nik Virrey (Zoka) and Kyle Rees (Zoka) took second and third.  Lucky for Ryan Bunn decided to match the cash prize and fill his pockets with lot’s of green.

Once again our coffee community has come out in full force and proven to be full of talented and creative Barista’s.  Thanks to everyone who made this event possible.  Next up is Neptune September!


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